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Pirate Event on LotRO

by Elohar1, 3 days ago

Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner: 9/15/18 @ 10am 9/20/18 @ 3am

Starting quest point is at Buckland near the Brandywine bridge. Coordinates: 31.1 S / 62.7 W. Pick up the quest and start opening crates / pickup kegs along the Brandywine river between Buckland to Evendim. With those items you will be able to barter for some cool pirate cosmetics. Sometimes crates drop cosmetics as well. The items you pick along the river are bound to account. The however cosmetics are bound to toon.




House of Lords Leader


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About House of Lords

House of Lords is a raiding & social - European prime time kin most active between 8pm and 11pm CET (1pm and 5pm servertime). Currently we run AoM T2C raid every Saturday from 3:00 pm CET (9:00 am EST). We run all T2C content on a stress-free atmosphere giving the possibility to learn and improve. We offer advice and training to our members. Leadership has a vast knowledge of game, mechanics and classes. We are looking for adult players who want to run challenging content and be involved in the social life of the kin.

History: House of Lords was a casual & social kin established at 2014 on Brandywine by members who were in search of a more populated server. Following the first wave of transfers we have moved to Arkenstone and established our permanent home here. From Oct. 2016 under Elohar leadership HoL was changed to a raiding & social kin with a primary focus on end-game challenges and raids. We occasionally pvp running on either side (creeps/freeps) and run social events. 

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